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  • Are these monster books potentially scary for children?
    No! These are friendly, loveable monsters who are trying to negotiate their way through the everyday challenges that children face. Nothing frightening about them at all! However, keep in mind that children who read very literally might need preparation. For example, Zombie looses his body parts when he sneezes. Children with certain sensibilities will need to be told that this only happens to zombies, not real kids!
  • Where can I order these books?
    Just click on the book that you like on the Books page, and then click on either the "Paperback" button or the "Kindle" button. That will take you directly to, where you can order the book! If is not your marketplace, check your country's Amazon site to find the books. If Amazon doesn't deliver to your area, just reach out to us on our Contact Page. We'll help you!
  • Will the authors be writing more of these books in the future?
    Most definitely. Stay tuned for more montrous fun! If you want to keep up-to-date, join our Mailing List.
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