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About A Monster's Guide To Life

A Monster's Guide to Life is a series of picture books that teach life skills and safety in a fun way. The stories follow our favorite monsters and their adventures as they learn.


“The monster series is a cheerful way to talk about the pandemic with kids. Difficult subject portrayed with humor..”

Reader review on Amazon.com

“I love the series A Monster’s Guide to Life…in a Pandemic! The stories are great fun to read -- witty, charming, and full of marvelously illustrated characters! Bravo for taking such an overwhelming and complex topic such as COVID-19 (what a monster!) and making it completely relatable with an empowering message. I'd like to see these at all daycares, schools, and libraries!”

Reader review on Amazon.com

“I am loving each and everyone of these books. The illustrations are fantastic and the stories resonant.”

Reader review on Amazon.com

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